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April 2015 Newsletter

Posted by Erin OCanada on

I know what you're thinking. "Where the heck have you guys been? Why I haven't I received a newsletter for a couple of months? Why are so many products out of stock? Will firing the entire management and coaching team really bring the Leafs a win or two next season?"

online shopper lumberjack "Dagnabbit! Clamato Juice is out of stock."

OK, slow down! I smell burnt toast! The important thing is, the newsletter is back and there is so much awesome "news" out of Canada, you'll need to sit down with an extra large double-double to get through the information here.

Regarding the sad state of our stock levels, there was a six-month strike by wharfies on the Pacific west coast which continues to wreak havoc on shipments coming out of North America. We even sent Paul out in a canoe to try to track down our container (see image above)! ( Note from O Canada's Health & Safety Manager: Totally kidding, that's not Paul. He would never canoe without a life jacket.) The good news is that our shipment has arrived and we are hoping to have everything on the shelves in the next couple of days. (Jade packs orders on Monday mornings so try to load her up with work over the weekend. She needs the hours to earn enough money for her big European vacation coming up in June.)

Leaf Fan SkeletonAnd about those Leafs... Well, we're a little busy focusing on the Canadian teams that did make the playoffs this year (Vancouver Canucks ("'Nucks"), Calgary Flames ("Flames"), Winnipeg Jets ("Jets"), Ottawa Senators ("Sens"), Montreal Canadiens ("Habs")). Keep an eye on our Facebook page for where you can watch games and let us know if your local is showing any!

Spock art

Star Trek's Leonard Nimoy may have passed away this year but his memory lives on in Canada. Why, his face even appears on Canada's five dollar bill! (On some of them, anyway.) Bank of Canada has urged Star Trek fans to stop "Spocking" their fivers. The bills are issued with Canada's seventh prime minister, Sir Wilfred Laurier, featured on them but once they're in circulation, Trekkies step in.

Laurier Fiver Sir Wilfred Laurier
Spock Fiver 2 Possibly our favourite "Spocking".
Spock Fiver A "Spocked" fiver.
Spock Fiver 3 Even the old bills weren't immune.

Tighty whities

MP Pat Martin underpants MP Pat Martin shows off his offending knickers.

In February, Canadian MP Pat Martin was chastised for attempting to leave parliament in a hurry. His explanation for the hasty exit? "They had men's underwear on for half price and I bought a bunch that was clearly too small for me. I find it difficult to sit for any length of time."

"I did not understand his explanation at the time and I am not sure I understand it now," said the speaker of the house afterwards. For more on this story, click here.

Ryan Reynolds negotiates

Ryan Reynolds Ryan Reynolds

Earlier this week, Canadian actor Ryan Reynolds was reportedly hit by a car in the parking garage of his Vancouver hotel. Asked by CBC Vancouver, via Twitter, for a comment on the incident, Reynolds tweeted back, "Put Beachcombers back on the air and I'll call." GOLD!, we say. ( In response to Jennifer P's post on our Facebook page this week, it's possible that we tweeted Reynolds, asking if he could lobby to get Danger Bay back in rotation as well...)

For your viewing pleasure, and a stroll down memory lane, we couldn't pass up this opportunity to link you to the Beachcombers intro:

The Beachcombers January 5, 1986 Opening The Beachcombers January 5, 1986 Opening

Enchanted forest for sale in B.C.

Enchanted Forest

Looking for a business idea to spend a lazy $2.7M on? The magical place in southeastern British Columbia, known as The Enchanted Forest, is for sale. Located on the Trans-Canada highway between Sicamous and Revelstoke, the owners of the 38-acre tourist attraction have decided to retire and are selling at a pretty reasonable price, to be honest.

Seeing as the Enchanted Forest has BC's tallest treehouse, we're thinking this guy might want to buy the property.

de Ruiter treehouse Don't mind the black flies!

Best job in Canada

Black Flies Ryan Reynolds

Do you know anyone at a loose end with how to spend their Canadian summer this year? Outdoor gear company Woods Canada is hiring two people to take a five-month trip across Canada and document their adventures hiking, swimming, canoeing and climbing along the way. Each person will be paid $20,000 plus all travel costs, accommodation, food and a full Woods wardrobe. They will travel as a team along the Trans Canada Trail and work six days a week from 12 May until 30 September. (Those worried about tenting with a total stranger for five months can apply in pairs!) Click here for more info.

Randy's ultimate trip

Speaking of cross-Canada treks, a computer science PhD candidate at Michigan State University, Randy Olson, has devised an algorithm to produce the route for the ultimate Canadian road trip. According to Randy - you just don't hear the name "Randy" often enough in Australia so we're going to use his first name here - the entire route is 16,226km long. Click here to see the article and Randy's interactive map.

Randy Map Randy's route

If you do attempt Randy's route, maybe you should consider lugging a nice teal-coloured armchair around with you:

Cross Country Chair Cross Country Chair


Puck fight Hockey fight

It's just "So Canadian". A hockey puck leaves the ice at an NHL game and lands in the stands between two young boys. Who gets the puck? Last boy standing?? Why, the boys have a good old "Canadian fight", of course.

"You have it."
"No, really, you have it."
"No, I insist. You should have it."

Click here for the article and video.

Are Canadians really so nice?

"Yes!" says writer Eric Weiner. He poses the question, "Can Canada teach the rest of us to be nicer?" It is a lovely piece that is well worth the read.

Sorry to step on foot

Erin was recently in Canada and sent her aunt a text message one day that said something along the lines of, "Hi Aunt Julie, sorry that I haven't been in touch sooner but I actually got some sleep last night so I had a bit of a lie in this morning." It turns out Erin had the wrong number and so received the following text message in return:

"Sorry, you have the wrong number."

And then another message: "But I'm glad you got some sleep! :)"

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