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August 2015 Newsletter

Posted by Erin OCanada on

Some pretty big news has come out of Canada in the last few weeks. 

We know what you're thinking. "An election was called." True!, but that's not the news we are referring to. 

election candidates "Tell us the news, O Canada! The election can wait."

"OK, OK," you say, "Canada placed an awesome second at the Parapan Am Games. That's your news, right?" Also true and awesome!, but there is more. 

Parapan Team Canada "What news could be more interesting than our medals?"

"What else is there?" you ask. "Is it the ' summer snow' in Alberta? The Ashley Madison scandal? A professional sports team in Toronto that is actually performing well?" All big news stories, we know. We think you will agree, though, that what we are about to disclose outweighs all of the above. On 30 July, Canada's Globe and Mail newspaper (and other prestigious news outlets) published an article revealing that food producer Kraft has decided to rebrand Kraft Dinner. It will now be referred to as "KD" (what Canadians call it anyway). You can learn more about this important announcement here.  While trying to find an appropriate meme for this "news", we instead found this hilarious, yet

brilliant, KD ring on

KD ring

Not to be confused with this "KD ring": 

kd ring

Donate your Frequent Flyer points

Flying Graduate Keep those students flying!

We recently learned of HigherEdPoints. Partnering with Air Canada's loyalty program Aeroplan, HigherEd Points is allowing students to use their frequent flyer miles, as well as miles from friends and family, to help offset their student loans and cover parts of their tuition. How cool is that?! Read more about this great program here

Granting student loans

Loan Weight

In Newfoundland and Labrador, however, provincial student loans are no longer available. NL is the first province to completely eliminate the student loan system and, instead, the government has replaced them with grants!   

Life is good in Australia and Canada    

Melbourne weather

The Economist magazine has released its annual report on " The World's Most 'Livable' Cities". Seven of the top ten cities are in either Canada or Australia, with Melbourne topping the leader board in first place. Vancouver, Toronto, Calgary, Adelaide, Sydney and Perth also made the top ten. 

Tim Hortons to be nationalised... 

Rhinoceros Party at Timmies Preserving a national treasure...

...If the Rhinoceros party wins the election, that is. As we mentioned earlier, the Canadian political parties are in full on campaign mode with a federal election to be held on 19 October. Rhinoceros party leader Sebastien CoRhino Corriveau had hoped to announce the party's plans to nationalise Tim Hortons at a news conference in an east-end Montreal Timmy's, but was thrown out. The party has a 1000-year plan that you can read a bit more about here.  

Important information: Long term expats cannot vote in this election but if you are eligible to vote from overseas, your application must reach Elections Canada by 6pm ET Tuesday 13 October 2015. Your marked special ballot must reach Elections Canada by 6pm ET Monday 19 October 2015. To download an application, click here.

More election fun 

Vote for this guy!   

Wyat Scott, running as MP candidate for Mission-Matsqui-Fraser Canyon (BC)

C'est dommage   

Fredericton road sign

You've gotta feel bad for the men's holes in Fredericton, NB. They're copping all kinds of flack. Bilingual road signs stating, "Caution: Raised Manholes/Attention: Trous d'homme sur

éléves" are confusing local French-speakers. The direct translation of the French text amounts to: "Men's holes are over-elevated." That's got to be uncomfortable, right? For more on this, click here


Jackson's letter A true Canadian apology.

It's just "So Canadian". Young Jackson Dowler fell asleep while reading his library book, accidentally knocking it off his bunk and tearing a page. Feeling bad, he wrote an apologetic note to the library: 

"I am sorry that a page ripped when it fell out of my bunk when I fell asleep reading. It won't happen again. I'm sorry. From Jackson"

Clearly this boy is Canadian, seeing as he apologised twice. (Truth be told, he is Canadian and Australian, having moved to Toronto a few years ago with his Canadian father and Australian mother. (Shout out to Jonathan & Alison!))  

His letter has even inspired a meme featuring the prime minister, Stephen Harper!:

Jackson letter meme

Canuck of the Month 

This month's Canuck is just about to open a Canadian-style bookstore and cafe!   

Where are you from?
Pickering, Ontario.

What brought you to Australia? 
I moved to Australia almost 12 years ago and settled into Toowoomba, where a number of my relatives were living at the time.     

Canuck of the Month Head to the cafe and let Daniel serve you up a "cup of home and a slice of nostalgia".

What do you miss most about Canada? 
Family and friends are what I miss most, second to an Iced Capp from Tim Hortons. 

What do you most enjoy about Australia?
Australia has so much to offer but I'd have to say my favourite thing about Australia is meeting and marrying the woman of my dreams. 

What is your favourite team?
Toronto Maple Leafs, without a doubt. 

Interesting "Timbit" about yourself?
I am setting up a a cafe in Toowoomba, called Sugar Maples, which will have a Canadian flair. We will be serving pancakes, waffles and an array of Canadian-style desserts like pumpkin pie, as well as Tim Hortons coffee and hot chocolate. We are open as of the 29th of August and hope to see you there for a cup of home and a slice of nostalgia.

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