How To Be Australian - by Ashley Kalagian Blunt

How To Be Australian - by Ashley Kalagian Blunt


When Ashley persuades her new husband Steve to leave snowy Canada and join her for a year Down Under, she looks forward to an easy transition. After all,Australia’s just Canada with more sunshine and strange animals, right? But they soon discover things aren’t so simple....

Book - Canadian Book of Beer

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Steve Cameron pours over the history of hops in Canada, brewing company feuds and fun and frothy facts about beer from across the country. Have you heard that Canada's Pamela Anderson was discovered in the crowd at a BC Lions game? The real story is...

Book - Maple Moon. A Maple Syrup Cookbook

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172 pages of recipes and inspiration for cooking with maple syrup. This beautiful book will guide you through both traditional and innovative recipes using one of natures tastiest ingredients, maple!

Book. Canadian Inventions. Fantastic Feats & Quirky Contraptions

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One of Canada's best-kept secrets is the amazing list of inventions, both great and ridiculous, that were created -- by Canucks! Author Lisa Wojna celebrates Canadian ingenuity and tells the stories behind an array of innovations. From the space shuttle's Canadarm to the electron microscope,...
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