Spitz Sunflower Seeds Salted 210g

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Spitz seasoned sunflower seeds with just a bit of salt to make them perfect for snacking.  

Spitz Sunflower Seeds Smoky BBQ 210g

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It all starts with high quality plump sunflower seeds to deliver a big smoky BBQ flavour.

Spitz Sunflower Seeds Dill Pickle 210g

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  Just the right amount of flavour from selected spices that create a true dill pickle experience.

David Sunflower Seeds -Dill Pickle-150g

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DAVID Dill Pickle jumbo sunflower seeds! Imported from USA

Spitz Sunflower Seeds Cracked Pepper 170g

On Sale from $5.95 Sold Out Regular price $8.95

Get the great taste of fresh cracked pepper in each bag. This bold flavour, seasoned to perfection, makes for a unique taste that you’re sure to enjoy.

Spitz Sunflower Seeds Seasoned 210g

From $6.95 Sold Out

It all starts with high quality plump sunflower seeds and delivers with a savoury flavour.

Dakota Style Sunflower Seeds - BBQ-150g

$4.95 Sold Out

Behold, the smokey bbq and hint of sugar combo for a robust flavour that simply needs to be experienced! Imported from USA

Dakota Style Sunflower Seeds - Dill Pickle-150g

$4.95 Sold Out

For flavour that’s anything but conventional – look no further than these naturally delicious seeds paired with dill pickle flavour that you’ll love to crave! Imported from USA
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