Canadian snacks and food, a taste of home Down Under.

Erablor Maple Cream Cookies 350g

$6.95 Sold Out

Made with Pure Quebec maple syrup. 

Mackintosh Toffee Bar 45g


You remember the classic flavour & taste of Mackintosh Toffee bars right? They're good! Best Before 30 Sept 2019
Oh Henry 58g-O Canada

Oh Henry 58g

On Sale $2.95 Regular price $4.45

A delicious combination of big crunchy peanuts, creamy caramel, chewy fudge, covered with a chocolately coating. "It's the big chunk of fudge!!"

Turtles 3 pieces 50g

$3.15 Sold Out

You know you love these things. Caramel and pecan clusters coated in chocolate, it's hard not to!   Best Before 31 Dec 2019

Cadbury Wunderbar 58g

On Sale from $2.00 Sold Out Regular price $3.95

A peanut butter caramel experience.

Nestle Coffee Crisp 48g

On Sale $2.95 Sold Out Regular price $4.35

How do you like your coffee? Crisp! The most Canadian, most favourite chocolate bar. Please note that some customers have commented that Coffee Crisp does not "travel" very well and so the bars sometimes don't taste as fresh as one would be used to in...
Cadbury Mr. Big 60g-O Canada

Cadbury Mr. Big 60g

On Sale $3.50 Regular price $4.00

A delicious vanilla wafer covered in fresh roasted peanuts and rice crisps, all smothered in a chocolatey coating.

Lowneys Cherry Blossom 45g -


A cherry in a pocket with delicious cherry sauce and surrounded with a nutty chocolate shell. Best Before 30 Sept 19

Cadbury Crispy Crunch 48g

On Sale $2.95 Sold Out Regular price $4.00

Rich, creamy chocolate wrapped around delicious flaky peanut layers.
Cadbury Caramilk 48g-O Canada

Cadbury Caramilk 48g

On Sale from $1.00 Regular price $2.95

The sensual taste experience of Cadbury's silky-smooth chocolate filled with Cadbury's one of a kind soft flowing caramel.   Choose your Best Before Date
Dentyne Fire Cinammon Gum-O Canada

Dentyne Fire Cinammon Gum


Sugar free chewing gum sensation. 40 minutes to fresher breath! Best Before:  21 Nov 2019
Jumbo Sour cherry Cola Bottle 25g-O Canada

Jumbo Sour cherry Cola Bottle 25g


  Koala Jumbo Bottle-o-Pop, Cola. Price is for one, not for the whole box!

Twizzler Twists Strawberry-400g

$8.95 Sold Out

  Your favourite candy twist in a strawberry flavour!

Twizzler filled bites - Strawberry 99g


 Sweet and chewy candy is full of strawberry flavor inside and out
Maynards Swedish Berries

Maynards Swedish Berries 185g


  Sweet and juicy red berries.

Maynards Fuzzy Peach 170g

$8.45 Sold Out

  Peach flavoured candy slices made with real fruit juice.
Maynards Sour Cherry Blasters 185g-O Canada

Maynards Sour Cherry Blasters 185g


  A sour cherry blast to your taste buds.
Maynards Wine Gums 170g-O Canada

Maynards Wine Gums 170g

On Sale from $5.45 Regular price $8.45

A sour take on the original.
Twizzler Goodies 300g-O Canada

Twizzler Goodies 300g

On Sale from $7.50 Regular price $11.00

  Colourful candy coated licorice pieces.

Twizzler Pull 'n Peel 396g- Cherry

On Sale $8.95 Sold Out Regular price $11.00

  Pull and peel off a taste of your favourite candy twist!

Twizzler Twists Rainbow 350g

On Sale from $8.00 Sold Out Regular price $8.95

  Rainbow Twizzlers contain 6 flavours in every pack: Grape, Blue Raspberry, Watermelon, Lemonade, Orange and Strawberry.

Twizzler Nibs -Cherry -400g

$8.49 Sold Out

Sweet cherry licorice bits.  

Hershey's Milk Chocolate Bar 43g

$3.41 Sold Out

Pure and simple. Nothing can take the place of this classic. (Please note that this product may have been imported from the U.S.A.)

Hershey Milk Chocolate Kisses 43g

$2.50 Sold Out

Every day deserves a kiss! (Please note that this product may have been imported from the U.S.A.)

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