About Us

Erin, showcasing some Canadian treats!
O Canada was started by a Canadian expat loving life in Australia but missing goodies from the "old country". Knowing that there were other Canadians (and Aussies that had spent time in Canada!) in similar circumstances, this website was set up to allow people to get their hands on Canadian food, flags, gifts and gear quickly, easily and without the need to worry about Customs and Quarantine (in Australia).
We also want to make it easier for family and friends in Canada to send "care packages" to their loved ones in Australia. Finally, we hope to introduce Australians to a range of Canadian goods, notably maple syrup products!

We ship all orders with great care usually within 3 business days, subject to availability.

Where an item is out of stock, we will notify you and may suggest an alternative, which you may accept or decline. We can also let you know when/if the item will be back in stock.

If there is a product that you would like to see on the site, please let us know as chances are you're not the only one! We love receiving feedback, requests, and suggestions so please send us an e-mail.

Unfortunately, there are several Quarantine guidelines that we have to comply with. Some products are very tricky, if not downright impossible, to import. With many products, you may be able to bring them into the country in your own luggage, for personal consumption, but when they come in on a commercial shipment, for retail distribution, the laws get very strict. There are issues around dairy content, gelatine, meat (bi-)products, nuts, shelf life and other ingredients. Some of the more popular requests that fall under these categories are potato chips (Lay's / Old Dutch), Smartfood, Cheez Whiz, Bacon, Perogies, Ranch Dressing, Sun Chips, Canadian Beer and chocolate bars. We do get some of these products from time to time, but it is impossible to predict their availability, unfortunately. Like good Canadians, we're sorry!

We have compiled some recipes that use Canadian ingredients and invite you to try them and submit your own! Visit our Recipes page here.