This section is dedicated to customers who would like to vote for products that are out of stock and are not being reconsidered for restock.  

To vote for the product all you have to do is click on Notify Me and add your email address.  If we find the product is popular amongst our customers we will look at importing again.

Please be aware that we are at times restricted to what we can get due to custom regulations and as such can't add all requested products.  for example Risky products are not added here (eg. containing high levels of dairy, any meats, eggs and other items deemed risky by customs) and if you do send a product request with high risk items you will be notified if such products is not allowed for import.

Another option for allowed products and if you do not wish to take the chance on product votes, is to consider bulk buy.  If that is the case, please feel free to go to our product request page here and fill out details the required product.

If you do not wish to bulk buy and your product is not on this list it is either already on our main stream products or not added yet .If you would like us to add product to vote list please fill out our product form here and choose option no for bulk buy


Sorry, there are no products in this collection

  • Is your favourite item out of stock? Click on your out of stock item. Then add your email address to the notify me section. Once back in stock you will be notified