Amazing service, couldn’t be happier.
Just addicted to maple syrup...we just love the stuff. And it's really nice to know that when I need something special, all your goodies are readily available. Keep up the good work.
Paint me impressed! I placed an order on 15 February and got confirmation of shipment yesterday (18 February). Much to my surprise your package arrived today, 19 February. Wow, just wow. Folks, you now have a regular customer on your hands!
O Canada supplied our corporate event with Canadian gift bags for 130 guests. Not only did the bags and Canadian contents look amazing but Erin’s incredible customer service was a huge help going above and beyond from start to finish to make sure the event was successful, and professional...even with our last minute changes! Thank you!
Air Canada
This is my first Christmas away from home, and although I don't miss the snow (ok maybe a little bit)... I'm having a hard time getting into the Christmas spirit. A friend from home found this site, and surprised me with Clamato and KD! Hello ceasars! Cannot express how these little things really make being away from home that much easier. I plan on using your site all the time :) Thank you!!!
Just wanted to say Thank You! I just opened my package and to be honest it was better than Christmas. I will def be back for more and also I can tell you that my family is truly happy they can have lighter suitcases next time they come to Oz. Thanks again.
Great customer service. Thank you so much.
Thank you! As always #1, top notch when it comes to customer service! I really appreciate it.
It's definitely true when people say Canadians are very friendly :-P lovely to encounter some great customer service :-)
I absolutely adore this company. I was surprised how fast my shipment of Clamato came and was astounded by the personal note with the maple leaf candy attached. Your customer service reminds me of the amazing people back home and I truly thank you for making me a little less homesick. I will forever recommend this company!
I just wanted to say - you guys are an absolute god send! Crispers!!! You have just saved my life! Thank you for being you! ^_^ Also - the contact number is amazing.
Thank you for your efforts and bringing stuff from the mother country....I waited along time, about 30 years !
Thank you so much for your great website!! It makes it so easy for our daughter to enjoy the comforts of home.
Thank you so much. I am soo happy with the service, that was fantastic!!
Thank you for my "tastes of home"! Totally happy with my purchases!
We have received our purchase and we're thrilled !!!! Our items came so fast and all in great condition (chips not crumbled). What a great idea bringing Canada to Australia !!!! Thank you so much for everything and we loved the maple candy found in our box. Much appreciated.
I didn't expect the delivery so quickly. Thanks for the great service!
Your service is great as usual! Delivery on time always appreciated. My 8yr old daughter always looks forward to receiving orders from you, because of the little maple candy surprise she finds inside the box.
I love this site (although it also makes me homesick)!
The cheese curds are glorious and will be turned into a poutine tonight.
I can't explain my joy when I found your site !!! I have lived in Australia for 33 years and only get to enjoy the foods I miss every 5 years or so. Plus stuffing the suitcase full on return. I'm so excited and can't wait to receive my parcel !!! Thank you xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
Carol Hammen
the meat from Montreal Smokehouse was excellent and good value for money
Just wanted to say Thank you! Received my parcel last week and it was so nice to have some comfort food from home! And happy that it all arrived in time for Canada Day!! Now I can't wait to celebrate with a Caesar and some reece's pieces!! I'll def be back for more!
Wow!!! Not only did we get our order super FAST!!! Erin also included a recipe for one of the items we had shipped ...complete with a hand written note and a smiley face!!!! THAT IS CUSTOMER SERVICE !!!!
Garret and Sophia
I can't explain my joy when I found your site !!! I have lived in Australia for 33 years and only get to enjoy the foods I miss every 5 years or so. Plus stuffing the suitcase full on return. I'm so excited and can't wait to receive my parcel !!! Thank you xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
Carol Hammen
I'm actually an Aussie, with Canadian cousins visiting Downunder. Ordered the Team Canada Olympic hockey jersey in anticipation of Canada winning the Gold medal, and you did win it (both Men's and Women's!) Super fast delivery by O Canada and great quality goods. I also enjoyed browsing your website.
James Fearon
Thanks for such a great company concept! I love being able to have a taste of home down here in Aus!
I really enjoy reading the newsletters. It is one of the highlights of my month and connects me to my birth country. Keep up the good work.
Erin, thank you so much for everything you did to assist with the delivery of my order. Your customer service is exceptional. Some companies would do themselves a service to aspire to your endeavour! Thanks Melissa
I love your store. I was ridiculously excited to go through it. I remembered products that I hadn't thought about in years.
Absolutely LOVE your site!
You people are amazing. Superman couldn't have gotten this order to me any faster. Thanks.
Just wanted to pass along a huge THANK YOU!! We are new to Australia and it was heart breaking when we learned clamato juice was not available here! ...We are grateful for the little piece of home you've afforded!!! In addition, it was so fast!! Arrived not even a week after order... Very impressive! Will be ordering again when we need our next Caesar fix!! :) thank you again!!
Just want to thank you again for your great service. I look forward to ordering from you again in future :)
Many thanks – with your help I have worked it out and placed an order. I look forward to having a root beer on the weekend and thinking about the holiday where I discovered Barqs! Thanks again – the service is excellent and I’m sure I shall be a returning customer!
Thanks to the O Canada team for all the hard work meeting the demands of fellow expats!
I enjoy receiving your newsletter, keep up the good work.
I was so excited to receive our package yesterday!! Thank you. We will definitely be buying through your site again.
I really appreciate the quality service that you guys provide and I recommend you to everyone Canadian that I know in Australia.
Thanks so much for the lovely and prompt service- it's pretty rare these days and I really appreciate it.
Keep up the great work at the O Canada network! I love it!
Good Day & Merry Christmas from a very pleased Canadian Customer, Wanted to let you know that the parcel arrived as promised and the gifts are now wrapped and resting under the Christmas tree of our daughter and family. Thank you kindly for your extra care and attention to this very first and important purchase from us. We will spread the news of your company to others. Exceptional above and beyond Customer service.
Keep up the good work. It's nice to be able to get some of the products I took for granted back home, here in Australia.
I'll be sure to recommend the site after such good service.
Just a quick note to say thank you for the bottle of hot sauce so quickly, not used to this service in Oz. I will definitely be telling my Canadian friends about you.
I recently placed an order and wanted to thank you for how quick and timely the order got to my son in Sydney. He couldn't thank me (his mom) enough for the large tin of Tim Hortons coffee and Franks hot sauce.
You are amazing! What incredible customer service! Our daughter, son in law and granddaughter will be so pleased with their lovely gifts.
I've been in Aus for 10 months and missed Tims Coffee :( Today I got a parcel from my mom, a giant container of Tim Hortons. My life is now complete. Thank you for being awesome eh?
Just wanted to thank you all for the brilliant work you do. Been buying from you for a while and every purchase has been a pure delight. Until next time keep up the good work!
Robert Hyde
Awesome taste of home! Catered to the production of Cirque Du Soleil and they all felt at home with Bloody Ceasars!
Jeff S
Just received my package of goodies today, and am so very excited! Shipping was VERY quick too, I didn't expect it to arrive so soon! Thank you for giving me a taste from home!
I received my items just in time for the Canada Day weekend!!!! Chicken with Swiss Chalet dipping sauce, Salad with French dressing, Red River Cereal for breakfast and an Angel Food Cake for work on Monday. Thanks so much for the prompt delivery.
Thanks alot for the quick delivery! This site always makes me miss Canada!
Great site with fast and reliable service. Now being a huge fan of the Caeser drink, I can enjoy them here in OZ instead of having to wait to go back to Canada. But I'll find any excuse to go back there...
I really enjoy looking at all the products. I can't get enough of the bulls eye that is what we order the most. Thank you for bringing a little bit of Canada to Australia
I love introducing my Australian wife to some of the the tastes of Canada. Through your website, I am able to find products that are absolutely non existent here. After all, what's a steak without Montreal Steak Spice and Marinade? You might as well be eating a burnt gumboot. lol Thank you for offering this great service. We love it !!!
Fantastic Service. What a relief to find your website. My Canadian partner misses his evening Caesar more than he misses his family (not really) so he was blown away when I got him some Clamato. A great surprise for him. Thanks very much.
Louise Mackenzie
Great selection, great website and customer service that is second to none! You have yourself repeat customers! Keep up the great work.
Tom Kelly
AT last , somewhere downunder where I can buy on line the essentials for Canada Day and every other day that my husband has his withdrawals for the "treats" from home. I highly recommend this very professional and efficent company
karen Mcdermott
I'm sooooo happy I found this website. I just can't get enough of Bulls Eye and Tim's Coffee. Best coffee ever!! Thank you to who ever created this site!!
Thanks very much for coming through over the last few months. Notably, the crew loved all the Barq's root beer and especially the Caesars!
I just wanted to let you know that I have moved back to Canada. I really enjoyed getting your e-mails and the contact while I was in Australia. I just wanted to thank you.
Thank you so much for your fast service very impressed. I will definately be using your site again, no hassles at all.
I just wanted to let you know, she got her package and said it made her weekend!! Thank you again.
Thanks again for all of your help!
Hired a party boat on the Gold Coast and drank Caesars all day! Everyone was very happy! Thanks so much again!
Best customer service of any company I've dealt with for a long time! But I guess I shouldn't be surprised...we Canadians are known for our good attitudes.
Thanks again for the great service!
So looking forward to a cup of Timmies which will bring back the fondest memories of Canada. Am so pleased that I can access the coffee Down Under.
G'day folks, just wanted to drop you a line to let you know how much I enjoy the newsletter....makes me miss Canada even more every time I read it, and I can't wait to go back there. You Canadians are really cool people. :)
So happy....can't wait till the next order!
Once again thank you so much for making this process so easy. We look forward to future business with you.
Your site...is a delicious cure for home sickness.
The order has arrived safely and is in imminent danger of being sampled this evening... Thank you for the quick service.
Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
I recently received my order from O Canada and I could not believe how fast it arrived !! I did not even know trucks could drive that fast !!! Thank you so so much. I am glad I have found you, eh ?
Erin, IF you and I were not already married I WOULD PROPOSE!! Thanks!
Thank you very much, Erin. Great site, keep up the great work.
O Canada is wonderful.
So happy with you guys xxx
This is the second time I have ordered with you and you have great service.
Thanks again for bringing good old fashioned Canadian hospitality down under.
Received my order yesterday! Thank you so much for the quick turnaround!
We have just received the basket, and it looks AWESOME!! Thank you so much...we'll be back to order more Canadian inspired things at a later stage.
Thank you so much for the quick processing!
I think I almost broke out in hives when I came across your website.....happy hives. I almost don't even have words for how wonderful this is. THANK YOU for doing this. I have been missing home so bad lately, and all the comfort foods that come along with it.
Thanks so much for the effort Blair. Great to have found your business. Love the service. Will keep it in mind for other Canucks I come across, I know my wife will appreciate the surprises.
Turkey hat is a big hit - my husband has been imitating Mr Bean's Christmas episode LOL
I collected my order this morning. Thank you thank you thank you!
Thank you very much for all of your help!
I just wanted to email you and thank you for what you did for me. :) We had such a great night thanks to you. You really did go above and beyond.
Just wanted to say Thank You for doing such a good thing.
Thanks heaps for all of your help. You have been great. It has been a real pleasure dealing with you.
Consider me a dedicated customer and a big fan of O Canada, fabulous business with fabulous people running it.
Thanks for the SWIFT reply, great service, just like home.
From this day forward I shall be only purchasing our maple syrup etc. from O Canada !!!!
I applaud your fine service and great merchandise. Thank you so much.
I opened one of the containers of Maple Syrup and I have never tasted anything even close to it before.
Some other on-line stores could do well to take a leaf out of your book - preferably a maple leaf!
I am extremely happy with this wonderful service!
Thank you very much for all that you have done for me. I really appreciate it.
Thank you for your very prompt service. Love the handy little tins that the syrup comes in! I will be sure to recommend your store to my friends and family.
Thank you once again for your fantastic service and for the special little maple treat!
Thank you so much. I only wish some other businesses had the same integrity as you. It is always a pleasure to do business with you.
Thanks again for the magnificent service you have provided - I can't tell you how much I appreciate the time and effort and communication you have provided - it's really superb.
I wanted to thank you for your prompt service. I appreciate the promptness and shall definitely be ordering from O Canada again.
Erin, I sincerely appreciate the efforts you go through to provide lovers of all things Canadian with your many products and understand the hurdles you have to clear as a business owner. In addition, your commendable customer service is a credit to your business and I look forward to a continuing business relationship.
Enjoying the maple syrup I bought from you!
Love the website!
Thanks for the great service!
We hosted a Canadian style breakfast last week and ordered a few tins of Tim Hortons Coffee. We were highly impressed by the speed they were delivered at and made a great addition to the breakfast.
Had a smile when I opened my care package last night.
Your site is a godsend!
If I could hug you by email, I would!
I look forward to plenty of more shopping with you guys, now that I know you exist!
Thanks for your help! I'm happy with the products!
I've just found your site and I'm literally in tears with excitement. I didn't think I missed home so much.
Thank you for the fabulous Canadian things. The maple sugar candies are delicious!
I'm so excited, I could pee myself!
Thanks so much for the quick reply. I so love the Canadian service.
Words cannot describe how thrilled I am that I found this website. I have been traveling abroad for some time now and have been longing for a Caesar - no one else in the world understands!
Above and beyond what I expected as a response! Thank you.
Great newsletter. What would all the Canucks do without it?!
The gift box was picked up yesterday thanks. It looks great! Thanks for all your help :)
I'm so happy I found your site!
Thanks to you I have been able to fill my craving for hot apple cider in this "chilly Brisbane winter"! Thank you so much for existing!
U guys rock!
I appreciate that you went above and beyond!
We love your website and really appreciate Canadian customer service!
Great website!
Hi guys, I just received my first order, well packaged and very prompt arrival, and that Bullseye sauce looks damn good sitting in my pantry, I will definitely buy again, cheers.
Thank you for such an amazing service!
Thanks for providing a bit of Canada in Oz!
I love your site and every time I visit I still find myself saying, "Ooh, they've even got...!"
I love your site!
This is the best site ever.
Good on ya for helping us expats!
The syrup arrived fine, and now I'm sweeter than ever!! Thanks for being so helpful.
Love the newsletter!
Thanks for the great service!
Thank you for providing these products. :)
Brings back wonderful memories of home.
What a fantastic find...i.e. your website. I'm doing the happy dance.
Your parcel arrived last Thursday and I was absolutely blown aw
ay to receive such a kind and thoughtful gesture. It certainly put a smile on my face.
Barbara On behalf of my sister and I we would just like to say a HUGE thank you for providing this website. Finding this site has been the best day of our lives! ...Other than marriage and having our kids...minor...lol
First, I am super happy that I finally found Clamato which is our favourite drink and second, you guys are the best company ever. You are AWESOME! I'm so glad that I found you guys!
It's amazing what is in the site, that frankly, I have forgotten I LOVE.
Thanks again for your help, your prompt responses are greatly appreciated.
I'll be your employee! Just as long as I can wear the lumberjack shirt, jeans and my Kodiacs - I am your biggest supporter! :)
Thanks very much. It is welcoming to see that there are still honest good people amongst us.
I was delighted to see that you had what I needed and had a good browse at your site and loved what I saw.
You are absolutely amazing Erin, thanks heaps! I'm so happy.
You always do such an incredible job of your newsletters! Well done!! I always get a chuckle.
I received my order yesterday and am very happy indeed. Thanks so much for everything. I will definitely be back to purchase from you again.
Thanks so much for the quick turn around. Love love love the site, keep up the good work! There are a lot of Canadians here that need their ketchup chips, Timmys & Clamato!
Thank you for assisting our friends in Canada. They recently sent a Christmas package via O Canada to us of which we were really excited.
Love the work you do!
Thank you O Canada! I have been living here for 4 years and haven't felt as happy as I have tonight. Looking forward to my Timmys. :)
Just wanted to let you know that the package arrived and it was perfect timing. Thanks for the effort!
I cannot begin to tell you how much I appreciate all your help in finding this product. You have made me really happy today!
I just wanted to say thank you for your newsletter - it really brightened my day!
Just wanted to say that my Timmies arrived today and I am very thankful. I definitely will be a repeat customer many times. :)
Everyone loved the pie filling so I will be buying from you in the future. Great tasting filling...and my kids are very fussy about quality..they refuse to eat anything that's super processed/artificial!
Thanks for making it easy to send a wee bit of Canada to our mates Down Under.
Needless to say, the food you offer is well priced and well worth it! Thanks so much.
Just received my first order from O Canada and was SO happy! Didn't think a bunch of Canadian food could do that! lol
Everything was wonderful, thank you so much. We've recommended it to our friends.
Thank you for offering Canadian items to make our living here that much better!
My parcel arrived this morning. Thank you so much for arranging so quickly, greatly appreciated! My husband and I absolutely love your store and are so glad there is a place to purchase Canadian treats. :)
Thank you for bringing Canada and my homeland so close to me.
You have a great website!
I think your site is awesome!
Thank you for your prompt service and the excellent quality of my Canadian products...especially the "Goodies". I have never had any that fresh. Delectable!
Thank you so much for a great place to get foods etc. from home that we miss...and now we no longer have to stuff our suitcases full of food to bring back with us!
OCanada's customer service is excellent! I will definitely be ordering from you again. Thanks!