Posted by Erin Brace on

The best campfire snack ever! 

Honey Maid Graham Crackers  or Nabisco,  Chocolate Bar (best to use plain bar of chocolate or Aero) Marshmallows


Put 1 square of chocolate on a graham cracker.

Sharpen the end of a stick and spear a marshmallow on it.

Roast marshmallow in the fire until toasty brown. Place marshmallow on top of chocolate and sandwich it with another graham cracker on top.

AT HOME: Place graham crackers on baking sheet. Put 1 square of chocolate on each cracker. Place a marshmallow on each piece of chocolate. Put in a 180C oven for 4 to 6 minutes, just long enough to melt marshmallow and soften the chocolate. Remove from oven and put another graham cracker on top to make a sandwich. Now, doesn't that taste like s'more??!

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